ATM Shamsuzzaman Film And TV Actor Biography

ATM Shamsuzzaman is one of the most skilled and clever TV And Film actor in Bangladesh who gained a lot of fame among spectators through his unique acting. He is not only an actor but also a director, script writer and story writer. He is the father of six sons.

ATM Shamsuzzaman Film career:

ATM Shamsuzzaman started his film career as the assistant director in the movie ‘Bishkonnya’ directed by Udayan Chowdhury in 1961. His first script writing was for the movie ‘Jolchobi’. The movie was directed by Narayan Ghosh Mita, renowned actor Faruk made his debut in that movie. Shamsuzzaman so far has written more than hundreds of script and stories. He acted as a comedian in the initial stage. In 1965, he came to act as a hero. Shamsuzzaman become popular through his acting as a villain in the movie ‘Noyonmoni’ directed by Amzad Hossin in 1974.

ATM Shamsuzzaman Film And TV Actor

ATM Shamsuzzaman Working in stage and television dramas:

ATM Shamsuzzaman performed as an actor in the television dramas and stage in early sixties when it was the primary stage of his acting life

ATM Shamsuzzaman Directing:

He first directed movie in 2006; it named ‘Ebadot’ which was acted by Shabnur – Riyaz.

ATM Shamsuzzaman Rewards:

ATM Shamsuzzaman received National award four times. He gained the best film actor award in 1987. ATM Shamsuzzaman received many awards apart from National Film Award.

Bangladeshi TV Actor Afzal hossain Biography

Afzal Hossain is not only a Television actor but also a maker of drama and television commercials. He gained immense popularity by her acting in drama in the eighties. He won the heart of people as a romantic hero in the drama and film arena. 

Actor Afzal hossain Acting life:
Shuborna – Afzal pair became popular in the television in the eightieth decade. Afzal later entered into the film industry through the movie ‘Dui Jibon’, Diti was his heroine in that occasion. The movie gained all through popularity.

Bangladeshi TV Actor Afzal hossain

Actor Afzal hossain Present working life:
Afzal Hossain is now working as the Managing Director of an advertisement association. He is also directing dramas now days. Afzal Hossain made valuable contributions towards the establishment of modeling as a profession in Bangladesh.

Fazlur Rahman Babu Bangladeshi actor and singer Biography

Fazrul Rahman Babu is renowned as an actor and singer. He has so far been acted in more than one hundred television dramas. Apart from that he performed in some of the Bangla films and television commercials also.

Fazlur Rahman Babu Birthday:
Babu was born in 14th of July, 1960 in the district of Faridpur. He spent most of his childhood days in Faridpur. 

Fazlur Rahman Babu Working life:
Fazlur Rahman Babu Bangladeshi actor and singer, started his acting career in the Faridpur Town Theatre in 1978; afterwards he joined in the ‘Boishakhi Natyo Goshthi’. In that year, Babu acted in the ‘National Drama Festival’ for the first time. In 1983, he joined in the service of Agrani Bank and transferred in Dhaka City. He joined in ‘Aronnok’ after coming to Dhaka and performed some of the stage dramas there.

Fazlur Rahman Babu Bangladeshi actor and singer

Fazrul Rahman Babu received national award for the film ‘Shonkhonad’ in 2004. He also received Meril – Prothom Alo award, Diamond RTV Star award, Padma award and BACHSAS (Bangladesh Cholochitro Shangbadik Shomiti) award in several occasions.

Babu performed in theatre and television side by side up to the year 2000, after that he had to be engaged in the television in almost 25 days a month, so he decided to leave the theatre gradually. Babu stepped into the Bangla Film arena through performing in the film ‘Bihongo’ by Adullah Al Mamun in the time between the years 2000 to 2001.

Fazlur Rahman Babu Bangladeshi actor and singer, revealed his talent in singing through sang a song in the movie ‘Monpura’. His solo album ‘Dubadubi’ was released in 2009. He also song four songs in a mixed album named ‘Monchora’. ‘Krishno kumari’ is his other mixed album.

Bangladeshi TV and film actor Challenger Biography

 Bangladeshi TV and film actor Challenger won the heart of millions of spectators throughout the country by his skilled acting. Tofazzal Hossain Sadik, popularly known as Challenger was introduced in the television by a famous drama named ‘Hablong r bazaar e’ written by eminent writer Humayun Ahmed. After that he acted in almost 200 dramas.

Actor Challenger Birthday:
Challenger was born in 10th of August, 1959 in the area of Khilgoan in Dhaka City.

Bangladeshi TV and film actor Challenger

Actor Challenger Personal life:

His father’s name is Mahbubur Rahman and mother Mukta Begum. He is the eldest among three brothers and two sisters. His immediate younger brother is service holder and the youngest brother is living in Australia. Among his two sisters, Monira Mithu is an actress and the other one is housewife. His wife is Gazi Farida Yasmin Jhorna; they have a son named Prithu and a daughter named Ahona. Challenger completed his SSC from Khilgoan Model School and HSC from Notre Dem collage. Afterwards he went to Saudi Arabia. After eight years of living there, he came back to the country and became involved in printing business.

Actor Challenger Working life:

Challenger acted in almost two hundred dramas; her first work was ‘Hablong r bazare’. Apart from that he acted in many films also, her first film named ‘Kal shokale’.

Actor Challenger Death:

Challenger breathed his last in 13th of October in his own home in Shekhertek, Mohammadpur, Dhaka at the age of only 51. He was suffering from brain cancer.

Bangladeshi TV Actor Mahfuz Ahmed Biography

Mahfuz Ahmed is a popular Bangladeshi actor who gained popularity by her acting in all the sectors of entertainment such as television dramas, films, commercials and presenting as well as directing serial dramas. He was born in the district of Noakhali.

In 2005 Mahfuz received National Film award for his acting in Lal – Shobuj. Apart from this he received Meril Prothom Alo award four times.

Bangladeshi TV Actor Mahfuz Ahmed

Mahfuz Ahmed Working life:

Mahfuz started his working life as a journalist. He started writing in the entertainment pages of the newspaper. At that time he entered into the acting after having an acquaintance with famous litterateur Humayun Ahmed and Imdadul Hague Milon. Humayun Ahmed inspired him to become an actor. 

He is now acting in all parts of films, television dramas and television films. Mahfuz brilliantly acted in the popular films of Humayun Ahmed like ‘Srabon Megher Dine’, ‘Dui duyari’, ‘Valobashi tomake’ by Mohammad Hannan, ‘Megher pore megh’ by Chashi Nazrul Islam, ‘Char shotiner ghor’ by Nargis Akter and ‘Joyjatra’ by Toukir Ahmed.

Mahfuz Ahmed has also gained immense popularity as a television actor. And he has directed more than fifty serial and part – time dramas.

Mahfuz Ahmed Rewards:

National Film award (best actor) – ‘Lal Shobuj’ (2005)
Meril Prothom Alo Award – Best actor (Drama)

Bangladeshi Actor Shahiduzzaman Selim Biography

Shahiduzzaman Selim is an actor and maker of drama. He has so far acted in more than hundred dramas. Although Selim entered into the media through stage dramas, he established himself as an actor through television dramas.

Shahiduzzaman Selim Family relations:

Shahiduzzaman Selim got married with Rosy Siddiki who is also a popular actress. They have a daughter.

Bangladeshi Actor Shahiduzzaman Selim

Shahiduzzaman Selim in television dramas:

Among the notable works of Shahiduzzan Selim – ‘Keramoti’, ‘Valobashi koto – valobashi na to’, ‘Jor’, ‘Rong mohol’, ‘Gayer manush’, ‘Juarir bou’, ‘Ononto prodip’ are important.Selim has so far acted in more than dozens of television films such as ‘Chorer bou’ and ‘Mukh’. 

Shahiduzzaman Selim in Bangla films:

Shahiduzzaman Selim acted in some popular movies like ‘Chorabali’ and ‘Debdash’.

Bangladeshi Film Actor Shakil Khan Biography

Once upon a time Bangladeshi Film Actor Shakil Khan is very famous film actor in Bangladesh. After the death of Salman Shah, Shakil Khan became the popular of all in the Bangladeshi film arena. Till now, he acted in more than hundred movies.

Shakil Khan Entering into the film arena:

Shakil Khan entered into the film arena through the movie ‘Amar ghor amar behesht’ which was became appreciated among spectators. Poppy acted as her partner in that movie.

Bangladeshi Film Actor Shakil Khan

Shakil Khan Important films:

Shakil khan mostly acted with Poppy. Among his notable works, ‘Amar ghor amar behesht’, ‘Narir mon’, ‘Biyer ful’, ‘Tumi shudhu tumi’ and ‘Omanush’ are regarded. Apart from all these, he acted in many other movies.

Shakil Khan Rewards:

Shakil Khan have not yet received any rewards or honorees.

Dhaka University Beautiful Girls Latest Picture and Photos

The University of Dhaka is the oldest university in Bangladesh and Asia also. It is established on July 21, 1921 and At Dhaka universities there are various types of boys and girls completed their studies. Not only local Bangladeshi girls & boys come to this university but also many abroad students came to here. Study in Dhaka University it’s like a big dreams, for Bangladeshi girls, as a result they try their best for admitted in this university. 

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